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Why should I use Recharge Centre?

Recharge Centre is much the same as an online web store from where you can do online mobile recharge, data card recharge, dthrecharge,pay postpaid bills etc. It's one stop search for all the prepaid needs. Recharge Centre makes your experience simpler, nicer and better. You don't need to stress for low adjust or going to recharge– we have made it very simple for you. Just few clicks and the work will be done.

How does the online wallet work?

Recharge Centre wallet is a protected online wallet where you can store your cash for making any exchange on RrechargeCentre.co.in. Recharge Centre wallet parity is the sum in Indian rupees that can be expanded by making an installment by means of different transactions and payments.

How to make a RECHARGE CENTRE account?

You can easily do that by going at the "LOGIN" button on the top of the page and then registering yourself with your details or you can also login through your Facebook page. You also have to add your mobile number and you will receive all the important information on the registered mobile number.

What is the way to add money to the wallet?

It's basic! You simply need to login to the Recharge Centre record and tap on "add money". You will be diverted to the Payment page. You can utilize net banking, Debit/ credit cards to deposit money to your wallet.

Does Recharge Centre charges any registration fee?

No, there are no registration charges and registration is totally free. You just need to pay for the recharges you will do or the plans you will buy.

Will the information provided by me will be safe?

Try not to stress! CCAVENUE and PAYU are our payment gateway partners and the same systmes are used by most indian e-commerce portals and also All data transmitted in the middle of you and Recharge Centre is done through SSL, a protected and security convention accessible on the web. Recharge Centre will never discharge any of your bankinginformation to anybody and we just utilize your email address for every one of your records.

How much time it takes to get a Recharge Centre after paying?

It is the quickest and your recharge will be done in fraction of seconds.

The recharge was not done. From where I would get my money?

Here are some conceivable reasons:

  • You have recently added cash to the wallet and have not prepared a recharge exchange.
  • There was a deferral from the administrator's end
  • Probably, it could be a division issue
  • Connectivity issue because of which the recharge was slowed down
  • Payment to wallet is not effective and there is no cash in wallet
Don't worry about it! We are here for you. The cash will be accounted back to your wallet if the recharge was unsuccessful.

Can I use my Recharge Centre account to recharge another phone numbers?

Yes, you can recharge different mobile numbers other than the mobile number you registered. Happy recharging!

What if I don't have access to computer? Can I still recharge my phone? What can I do?

Obviously yes! You can download Recharge Centre App for your mobile phone. It's more fun when you can make a recharge or bill installment without stressing over the accessibility of PC.

How much time it will take to get the bill payment confirmed?

For the most part, it takes two - three business days for postpaid bill affirmation. On the off chance that, you don't get affirmation following 48 hours, contact the administrator or send us the mail with your payment number.

Why I received an error while doing a recharge?

The reason might be that you:

  • Entered a wrong connection
  • Entered wrong administrator or operator
  • Trying to recharge with unavailable recharge amount or the amount whose recharge is not available
  • The service is not present on Recharge Centre
  • Wrongly entered your bill data
In such a situation, we recommend you to twofold check the points you have entered.

The plan I want is not present on the site!

We try hard that all the plans needed by customers should be present on Recharge Centre. On the other hand, you ought to check with the versatile operator for the availability of recharge amounts. It so happens that occasionally you get zero discussion time. We have no influence over it as the mobile service provider characterizes sum credited in the recharge. Check with your operator first if the recharge is available on the amount that you want.

I did a recharge on wrong number by mistake. Will I be getting my money back?

Oops that's disheartening! The cash can't be discounted back to you if the administrator has as of now effectively handled the recharge. Then again, on the off chance that you are blessed, there may be a probability that recharge got fizzled. Simply document a ticket, so we can bail you out!

The amount was deducted from my bank account but I still didn't receive the recharge!

Don't worry! Wait for few hours, if you still didn't received the recharge amount. Generate a ticket to us and we will refund the amount as the credit in your Recharge Centre wallet as soon as possible.

How much time will you take to answer my query?

Our customers are our first and foremost priority but sometimes it takes bit longer to answer you. Don't be upset we will try our best to reach you as earliest as possible.

Do you have discounts on bulk recharges?

No! We do not provide any special discount on bulk recharges. We treat all your recharges as individual recharge.

Not received the refund money yet!

Wait, it will be credited to your account in the form of credit as soon as the recharge fails.

No debit and credit card access! In what manner I can make payment?

You can make an installment through net banking. You simply need to enact the Net banking services with the issuing bank. On the other hand, you might likewise utilize Cash Card or Cash Pay.

What are credits?

What's more, you can also deposit cash in your Credit Account anytime to facilitate faster and easier recharging by clicking from Credits.