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Refund Policy

All offers of Recharge are last and there will be no discount or trade allowed. It would be ideal if you be accepting that you're responsible for choosing the correct data plan and recharge amount for you and hence you shall bear all the consequences. Organization is not in charge of any buy of Recharge for an erroneous portable number or Data Card record number. Hence the money will not be refunded in this case. Organization should research the occurrence and on the off chance that it is found that cash was to be sure charged to your card or financial balance without conveyance of the Recharge then you will be refunding the cash inside of 7 to 10 working days from the date of the receipt of your email.

We will give refund your money back if the money was deducted from your bank account (Visa/credit card, and so forth) and it reached us but your recharge was not made due to the problem or some error in our servers. In this case we will refund your money back in the form of credits to your Recharge Centre wallet, you can use it for your next recharge. The money from the wallet can be used only on Recharge Centre site. In any case, if no money was deducted from your bank account, then the company will not make any refunds. We settle every one of the exchanges which were fizzled or you don't get revive inside of 24 hours consequently.

In the event that you don't get your money backin 24 hours then you can email us on support@rechargecentre.co.in or call us. There is no refund done if you accidently choose and confirmed different recharge plan that you didn't wanted.

Note- No refunds on plans that have been done will be made. If the customer wishes to take their money back or change their existing plans, that won't be done.